Join me for my 3 Day Healthy Eating Challenge!

How to Thrive Not Just Survive With Your Health
Show me how to enjoy a girls night out and still fit into my jeans! 
Do those chips in the chip bowl just somehow fall into your mouth without you even knowing it?

Does your glass continually get filled with delicious cocktails effortlessly while you’re out on the town?

And do you find yourself filling your plate a second or third time at every family dinner you have (who can resist the macaroni and cheese dripping in melted cheese - oh the yumminess)?

Are you absolutely tired of feeling stressed out whenever you find yourself around food and friends? The focus should be on having fun and not about packing on the pounds at every single function, right? You’ve worked entirely too hard to create a healthy eating lifestyle for yourself to let it completely fall apart when you’re out with friends (no matter how good that strawberry margarita may be)! 
You don’t have to worry about any of that anymore! 

I have created a 3-day challenge that is going to put you back on the right track so that you can thrive instead of just survive on your healthy eating journey (especially when it comes to social situations where food is the main focus)! 
Show me how to enjoy a girls night out and still fit into my jeans! 
In this 3-day challenge, you will get actionable tools that will help you: 
  •   Stop overeating - keep those healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to learn
  •  Survive the holiday parties without depriving yourself of deliciousness 
  •  Manage your alcohol intake  
  •  Get through those family dinners where your crazy aunt is the least of your worries (because that pumpkin pie will be staring at you the whole night)  
Take the stress off of yourself from having to choose between either fun OR eat healthy - there is a healthy balance between them. You can maintain your healthy eating routine and enjoy your food!
So if you’re ready to take back control of your eating and still have a great time at those tailgates and family barbeques, then let’s take this 3-day journey together so you can thrive! You absolutely deserve the life you want - let me show you how to do just that in just 3 short days!! 
I SO want to THRIVE, Dawn! 
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