Do you want to lose weight without feeling deprived, being hungry, or giving up your glass of wine
Download my top 3 strategies now!
Show me how to have fun and stay healthy!
Have you ever skipped an evening out with friends for fear of the calories in those margaritas?
Do you often leave family get-togethers feeling guilty, stuffed, and resentful instead of rejuvenated or thankful for loved ones?
Do you shudder when your family asks to dine out, knowing that sticking to your diet will be impossible and unsatisfying?

Life is way too short to let a fear of weight gain dictate which memories you get to make.
Yes, eating healthy and taking care of your body is a crucial part of living a long, happy life,
but when unrealistic diets and restrictions keep us from fully enjoying time
with people we love ... Well. Houston, we have a problem.
You don't have to choose between a satisfying social calendar and proper nutrition.
YES — I'm saying you CAN have both. Here's how.
I've found 3 simple strategies to give you the skills you need to eat, drink & be healthy! By working through these strategies at your own pace, incorporating smart decision making a little at a time, you'll learn how to enjoy cocktail parties, look forward to visiting new restaurants, make solid nutritional choices while traveling, and even conquer potentially unhealthy meals with family and friends — with no guilt or weight gain attached.

Show me how to let loose without the guilt!
My 3 strategies will provide the tools you need to: 
  •   Stop overeating - keep those healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to learn.
  •  Survive vacations, business trips, and life on the go without depriving yourself of deliciousness or unforgettable experiences.
  •  Manage your alcohol intake without trying to completely cut out your favorite drinks. (YES, you get to keep your wine!)
  •  Get through those family dinners where your crazy aunt is the least of your worries (because that pumpkin pie will be staring at you the whole night).
Stop feeling like you must choose between fun and eating healthy —
there is a balance! You can maintain your nutritional routine while still enjoying
real food, alcohol, and yes, sometimes even dessert.
If you’re ready to start enjoying those tailgates and barbecues again without packing on the
extra pounds, let’s take on these 3 strategies together so you can thrive!
You absolutely deserve the life you want.
Let me show you how to get it with just 3 easy strategies!
I'm ready! Show me how to eat, drink, & be healthy, Dawn! 
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