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The Key to Taking Back Control of Your Health
For Female Entrepreneurs & Businesswomen

Conquer your health goals and feel comfortable in your skin—without dieting, 
deprivation, or needing 26 hours in a day.

For all female entrepreneurs & businesswomen who want to feel 
healthier & more comfortable in their skin . . .

. . . This 8-week program is for you! Using my exclusive formula - Eat, Move & Recharge™ you will take back control—without being hungry, feeling deprived, or giving up your glass of wine with dinner. AND without needing 26 hours in your day. 

  • Done with yo-yo dieting and fads?
  • ​Sick of feeling guilty for eating your favorite foods?
  • ​Struggling with low energy?
  • ​Stuck in a cycle of working hard, losing weight, and then gaining it all back again?
  • ​Ready to FINALLY feel comfortable in your skin, your clothes, and your life?
Don’t let misinformation, past mistakes, fad diets, or frustration keep you from living the full, happy, healthy life you deserve. In front of the camera (not behind it). On the stage. In the spotlight.

LET GO of the emotional eating, food guilt, confusion, and deprivation once and for all. Focus on the one thing that will make it all come together this time.

Join me in a place where we conquer our goals with ease, never stress about dessert, and keep the focus on whole-body health rather than the number on the scale. 
“I’ve tried to get healthy dozens of times already, and I’ve failed every time . . . Now what??”
IMAGINE waking up every morning feeling rested, recharged, & ready for anything. Humming along through the late afternoon with total mental clarity and consistent energy. Embracing every meeting, client call, and speaking engagement as an opportunity to show up as your best, sharpest, most confident self.​​

IMAGINE having the bandwidth to prioritize your hobbies, passions, and relationships. Enjoying healthy, delicious meals that DON’T take all evening to prep. Feeling satisfied and relaxed as you have a glass of your favorite wine with dinner, without bothering to check the calories, count net carbs, or tally points first.

 IMAGINE getting dressed for a special event and being able to choose from anything in your closet, because it all fits great. Dancing the night away and not being exhausted. Feeling confident in your skin, and about your ability to eat the foods you love without stress.

. . . THIS is the beauty of Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time: The 8-week program that revolutionizes your health by making YOU your #1 priority.

Ready to break out of the dieting cycle, regain your energy, 
and show up more fully for your life and your business?

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Had . . .

  •  Access to a certified & licensed health and nutrition coach who was passionate about guiding your wellness journey and keeping you accountable

  • ​Advice from a team of health and wellness experts across industries like food, fitness, mental health, mindfulness, meal prep, style, and more

  • ​​A global community of like-minded friends who understand what it’s like to balance a career, family life, and health goals, and who want to see you succeed

  • ​​A safe space to really open up and dig into the “why” behind some of your nutrition challenges and bad habits

  • ​A huge toolbox you could draw from to make your long-term lifestyle changes STICK

Let me help you Reclaim Your Life.

The Real Reason Why You've Never Been Able 
to Hit Your Health Goals (Until Now)

It’s simple: Diets don’t work. Busy, ambitious women like us have been fed the same pipe dream that if we could just tolerate a few weeks of deprivation and hardcore exercise, we could then enjoy the fit, slim, healthy bodies we crave.

Here are the flaws in that way of thinking:
  • Magic pills & silver bullets just don’t exist, period.
  • ​Short-term deprivation tactics lead to short-term results.
  • ​The idea of finding 3-4 hours a day to spend on cooking, counting, measuring, prepping, storing, etc. is downright laughable.
  • ​Losing water weight does NOT equal better health, more energy, stronger muscles, or even actual weight loss.
  • ​Any “program” that asks you to give up the foods and drinks that bring you joy is NOT something you’ll stick with in the long-term.
  • ​Travel (whether for work or for pleasure) is a reality of modern life that MUST be accounted for.

Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time is ideal for busy, professional women 
because it takes REAL LIFE into consideration. 

This 8-week, work-at-your-own-pace program WILL work for you—even if you have literally zero free time, hate cooking, 
detest the gym, or have tried every single fad diet in the books.
Hi, I'm Dawn.
I'm a certified and licensed nutrition coach, creator of my exclusive formula- Eat, Move & Recharge™; founder of the Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time program; and author of 365 Days of Healthy Living, as well as a lifelong foodie. Perhaps even more 
 importantly, I'm passionate about helping people create sustainable lifestyle changes.
I wear many hats—entrepreneur, businesswoman, author, mom, and wife, to name a few. My career has sent me all around the world, and I’ve become a pro at incorporating healthy choices into a busy lifestyle.

There is no easy button when it comes to changing your lifestyle, but small intentional choices add up to something wonderful. You can love food and your life!
After my son was born, I struggled to get rid of my baby weight. When Spencer was about six, I was talking to a friend about my "baby weight" and how I really needed to lose it. Well, she bluntly told me that my "baby" was 6 and it wasn’t baby weight anymore. Oof!

I had always thought of myself as fit and healthy, so this hit me really hard. I had to take a step back and wonder: Was this my new reality?

This wasn’t the body I had worked so hard for, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be. What I was doing—emotional eating, working out harder to offset the emotional eating, and feeling guilty ALL the time—clearly wasn’t working.

I wanted to be able to run around with my kiddo, not just be a watcher on the sidelines. I wanted to be around to meet my grandkids. I needed to have enough energy to build the life and business I wanted.

If you’re struggling with your health the way I was, it's okay. It doesn't have to be this way forever. I’ve got a solution for you.

See, I knew that in order to successfully lose that not-baby-weight once and for all, I’d have to get smarter about my everyday lifestyle choices. I knew a lot about food and a lot about fitness—I was a lifelong athlete and even a personal trainer! But I’m a busy person. I didn’t want to spend my little free time weighing and measuring my food.

And I didn’t want to feel like I was on a diet.

I wanted to have it all, so I dug in to figure out how I could lose the weight, eat real food, and not give up my glass of wine with dinner, without feeling like I needed 26 hours in a day to make it happen.
Thankfully, I figured it out—not only did I lose the weight, but I've kept up with this lifestyle for YEARS now. It completely changed how I felt about myself, how I felt in my skin, and most importantly, helped me RECLAIM MY LIFE, one bite at a time.
My mission is to teach you how you can live a life you love, never feel hungry or deprived, eat real food, keep your glass of wine with dinner, AND reach your health goals.

If you're ready to create sustainable change in your health and in your life, I'm more than ready to help you tackle your BIGGEST health goals. Let's do this!

It's Not too late: REclaim your life today!
What's inside
Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time
The 8 week program for busy, professional women who want to boost their energy, get fit, 
and ditch those restrictive diets once and for all.
"I can't recommend Dawn enough. The overall content [in the Reclaim Your Life program] is a 10; layout and delivery is a 10; the workbook is a 10. It is well written and concise—I love that. The videos are a 10, and it's so easy for me to catch up. 

Aside from the knowledge, support, and community, I love that I am starting to 'get it:' The re-connection to my food and to my kitchen, exploring and finding new flavors, and being mindful of making better choices. I don't think I would have found the resources you gave us without being in this program, and I'm super excited about that!"
- Caryl Mix, Reclaim Your Life Alumni
Peek Behind the Scenes . . . 
What You Get When You Reclaim Your Life
Included in the program:
  • 20+ Bite-Sized Take Action Videos (value $1250)
  • Private Community (value $1500)
  • Reclaim Your Life Journal (value $175)
  • ​Triumph Tracker (value $97)
  • ​Ready, Set, Go! 30-day Workout Calendar (value $97)
  • ​Short & Sweet Meal Planning Worksheet (value $97)
  • ​"Shopping the Reclaim Way" Shopping List Template (value $97)
Feel great, look great, and eat the foods you love!
Total Value = $3313
Your Price = $497
(Payment Plans Available)
* Payment options on next page*
Bite-Sized Take Action Videos
(Value $1250)
Over 20 live video segments--available to you forever.

Watch as many times as you want to integrate your new bite-sized habits into your life with NO overwhelm.

Learn to Eat, Move & Recharge™ your way to a healthier, fuller life.

Because personal coaching is the most effective way to create new, healthy habits.

Reclaim Your Life Journal
(Value $175)
Your essential companion to our video lessons and community.

Keep track of your progress, your motivations, and your goals.

Enjoy all the program info in one place—so you never have to worry about where you put your notes, or what we learned last week.

Because whether you learn better via video or writing, I’ve got your back.

Triumph Tracker
(Value $97)
Keep track of your weekly measurements and make notes about your wins and your struggles..

Automatically calculates your results.

Never wonder whether you’re moving forward—and never get trapped by your scale!

Because “that which is measured can be improved.”

Shopping the Reclaim Way Shopping List Template
(Value $97)
Start with your Short & Sweet Meal Planner 
Worksheet and create a healthy, strategic shopping list based on your goals and your preferences. 

Never be without healthy food in the house again.

No need to agonize over what’s for dinner every night—you’ll already know!

Because you and your family deserve to be healthy, happy, and stress-free.

Ready, Set, Go! 30-day Workout Calendar
(Value $97)
Plan your workouts a month in advance to prioritize your health and beat exercise boredom.

Get the results you want by including the THREE must-do types of workouts we’ll learn about in this program.

Budget time for your workout in your calendar, so you’ll never accidentally forget it or run out of time.

Because planning is essential to achieving your goals.

Short & Sweet Meal Planning Worksheet
(Value $97)
Know exactly what you’re going to eat before you start feeling hungry, so you can make smart choices based on your goals and not your emotions.

Plan your menu for the whole week to nix mindless snacking and free up mental space.

No more wondering, “What’s for dinner?”

Because failing to plan is planning to fail.

Private Community
(Value $1500)
Become part of a family of like-minded, professional women who want to see you succeed.

Post questions, celebrate your successes, and know that you will always have people to cheer you on.

Even if your friends and family don’t understand your new lifestyle yet, we’ve got your back!

Because sustainable change happens when you feel supported and accountable.

What You Get:
— Simple, easy strategies to revolutionize your food and fitness habits
— Science-backed education on eating, moving, and recharging to feel your absolute best
— A workbook to help you follow along with the program
— In-depth video lessons detailing actionable steps you can take TODAY to start changing your health
— Access to our private Facebook Community
— Advice on making these strategies work NO MATTER how busy your life gets
— Lifetime access to ALL program material, including any future updates

How much does it cost?
Great question! While similar programs could cost you upwards of a few thousand bucks, I personally believe everyone deserves access to quality health information and a supportive community. That's why I'm offering LIFETIME access to this program and our supportive online community for just $497.
 YOU have the power to take your health into your own hands and change your life. But change starts on the inside—it starts with making a decision.
  • The info you NEED
  •  The support you CRAVE
  •  The empowerment you DESERVE
Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time is specifically curated to help you achieve LASTING success with your health goals. 

Our nutrition program is backed by science, totally safe for your whole family, and flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. 

We set you up for success by giving you the INFO, the TOOLS, and the community SUPPORT you need to break old habits and keep living your new, healthy life for years to come.
Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time 
IS FOR YOU If You Are . . . 
  •  Ready for a solution that provides RESULTS without the hassle
  • ​Excited about taking OWNERSHIP of your health
  • ​Done making EXCUSES about bad habits, and ready to replace them with strategic choices
  • ​Excited about taking OWNERSHIP of your health
  • ​Done making EXCUSES about bad habits, and ready to replace them with strategic choices
  • ​​Sick of trying to figure everything out ALONE
  • ​​Eager to kick your LONELINESS & FRUSTRATION to the curb
What Other Women are saying 
about Reclaim your life:
"This program was great because it taught me that I CAN make changes and I have the support of others doing the program too! Dawn, you are a guru with helpful hints and with a 'no pressure' attitude! Thank you for a wealth of information in a judgement free space. "
- Marni G.
"My favorite parts of the program were the workbook and the 1:1 call with Dawn. 
Learning to focus on and celebrate the wins no matter how small. My biggest a-ha moment was changing my mindset—it is progress that matters, not perfection. 

Keeping the changes and goals small and achievable has really worked for me- I have so much more energy and my focus has improved.You have knocked this out of the ballpark! The pace is perfect, the workbook/group combo are very effective and engaging. [Dawn's] live videos are spot on and the perfect length. I am still having success even with my very busy life!"
- Pam Y.
"In the program, I really started to see how it is so important to understand my 'why'—why I want to make changes, so it keeps me going on tough days.
Realizing that this is a lifestyle change and not just a temporary diet was a real a-ha moment for me. I really like that [Dawn] and everyone else in the group are supportive and encouraging."
- Dot R.
the guarantee
Right now, you’re trying to make a decision about whether or not this program is right for you. 

Let me make it simple. Buy it today. Take a look through all of the information and if, 14 days from now, you don’t think it’s for you . . . Just let me know. I’ll give you back every single penny.

I stand behind everything I teach and if it’s not a good fit for you, no worries at all! Not too many people promise a hassle-free refund, but I do because I’m THAT confident that Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Take charge of your health, show up for your life and your business, and RECLAIM YOUR LIFE once and for all.

Your Investment


(Payment Plans Available)

  • Lifetime access to over 20 video trainings on eating,
    moving, and recharging your way to the finish line
  • ​Lifetime access to our private Reclaim Your Life community
  • ​The education you need on my exclusive formula Eat, Move & Recharge™
  • ​Triumph Tracker
  • ​30-Day Workout Planner
  • ​Easy Meal Planning Worksheet
  • ​Strategic Shopping List Template
  • ​Access to ANY/ALL updates and resources in future
    Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time versions
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