You Can’t Keep A Nutrition Coach In Your Pocket . . . 
So This eBook Is The Next Best Thing!
You Can’t Keep Your Nutrition Coach in Your Pocket . . . 
So This eBook is the Next Best Thing!
We’ve all seen cartoon characters with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Do you ever feel like you could reallllyyy use a portable angel to offset that devilish sweet tooth?

This isn’t an ad for a sci-fi flick. I can’t offer you a pocket-sized clone of myself...yet. But I CAN give you the exact info I would share if we were hanging out in person, packaged neatly in a file you can save on your phone, reference on your e-reader, or print out and stick to your refrigerator.
Eat, Move, and Recharge is my starter guide to good health in every aspect of your life. 
When we think of living a healthier lifestyle, our brains tend to jump right to diet and exercise, but there are so many other factors at play! This book covers the 6 pillars of health in your life and explains how they all link together to influence your overall health. 

Even better, every single page is loaded with actionable advice that you can put to work, so you can start living healthier TODAY. No fancy scales, measuring bowls, or pre-packed food required.
Think of it as going through your everyday life with a nutrition coach by your side every step of the way!
What We'll Cover:  A Little Bit of Everything!
  • ​Setting SMART Goals
  •  Ditching the comparison game   
  •  Curing that sugar hangover
  •  Staying hydrated
  •  Managing your sleep schedule
  •  Squeezing exercise into a busy schedule
  •  Banishing the stress that's often the culprit behind your unhealthy habits
  •  The importance of having a Plan B and setting realistic expectations
  •  Staying healthy while traveling, road-tripping, vacationing, and navigating airports
  •  ... and TONS more!
    Why would I give all that away for so little, you ask?
    Because I believe that EVERYONE has a right to basic health and nutritional info. As a nutrition coach, I get frustrated by all the self-proclaimed “experts” out there looking to pitch faulty advice and exploit people who genuinely want to better their lives. 
    The sad fact is, most “health advice” out there today is based on anecdotal evidence, sales schemes, or short-term results.
    When you download Eat, Move, & Recharge, you’ll take away REAL health and nutrition advice that is
    • ​Based on actual science
    • ​Rooted in common-sense, achievable steps
    • Holistic and sustainable
    •  Safe and sane enough for your ENTIRE family (yep, kids too!)
    No more diets. No more binge eating. No more working out like a madwoman just trying to compensate for that cupcake you had at your friend’s birthday party. 

    Just small, positive changes that all add up to a drastically healthier lifestyle.

    How many of these statements have you made lately?
    • I’d like to do more after work, but I’m just so tired.
    • ​I love playing with my kids, but gosh, they wear me out.
    • ​Social outings can be stressful because my clothes don’t fit the way they used to.
    • ​I don’t like having photos taken of me because I’m self-conscious about my weight.
    • ​I’m too busy for careful grocery shopping, meal planning, or prepping healthy foods.
    • ​There are ZERO extra minutes in my day for a workout.
    • ​I’ve tried losing weight dozens of times, but nothing ever seems to stick.
    It’s time for a change.

    That change won’t happen overnight. I’m not promising that this book will solve all your problems instantly. You’re not going to wake up tomorrow 20 pounds thinner, feeling ten years younger.

    But do you know what the best way to eat an elephant is? One bite at a time. 

    Consider this ebook your first bite.

    So what are you waiting for? For just $4, you can shore up your health and wellness foundation, get the info you need to start living your healthiest life TODAY, and get tips to help you create your long-term health and nutrition plan.

    This super-low price won’t stick around for long, so I truly do hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to learn the TRUTH about how eating, moving, and recharging can totally change your health . . . for less than you probably spent on yesterday’s lunch.
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